Saturday, November 5, 2011

My latest idea for my etsy store

I'm pretty stoked about this!  i'm planning to add a new listing to my etsy store:  custom portraits.  the customer can send me a photo of themselves, vintage photos of a loved one, pets, etc and i will blend them with my own collection of nature and vintage photos into an original, one of a kind artwork.

here's an example, a photo of me blended with a photo of my grandmother who i never met but think i resemble (no chin) and some flower pics.

The best part - no overhead for me, no risk for my customers.  They can send me the photo(s) they want incorporated, i'll send them a couple of heavily watermarked possibilities, THEN they can pay for it and i'll email them the file without the watermark.  oh, no shipping charges, either! 

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