Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photocruncher gig

I'm delighted to announce that i will be writing regular blog posts and reviews for photocruncher.  This is a fantastic new mobile photography blog with some awesome contributors, i'm really pleased to be involved.  You can check out my first post, a review of the iphone telephoto lens here.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Combo Apps Guest Spot: Moi!

Tina Rice's blog, "Combo Apps: iphoneography extreme editing" was the first iphoneography blog I followed, and she was one of my first instagram friends.  Tina really opened my eyes to the possibilities of iphone photography and creative editing.  Her blog is an essential source of info on apps and editing techniques for anyone who wants to learn just how far they can push those pixels.  She has also been a great source of inspiration to me as an artist who wants to share her knowledge, promote iphoneography and help others enjoy creating on this medium as much as she does.  While many try to keep their "secrets" for fear of others creating something even better than theirs, Tina tells the world how she did it, step by step and then celebrates others' successes in using the technique.  That's a class act, in my books!

Anyhoo, for some reason, Tina asked me to write a "guest blog".  Deeply flattered, i accepted.  Here it is!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mad About Pixls Interview

So, two of my absolute favourite iphone artists, Cathy Ross and Maddy McCoy have started a blog and for some crazy reason chose me as their first interview!  It's pretty exciting! Here's the link

Mad About Pixls

(very plain photo of me made awesome by Maddy McCoy aka @the_real_mccoy)