Monday, October 31, 2011

New line of Unchristmas cards in my etsy shop!

Celebrate this winter holiday season the way your ancestors did for thousands of years before
Christianity and consumerism co-opted the party. Imagine, the wine has fermented, the livestock has
been slaughtered, what can be put away to feed us through the long winter has been stored and now it's
time to eat and drink...for we won't all make it to spring.
This year, why not give a homemade gift instead of a mass produced one? Decorate a tree outside with
suet balls and cranberry strings for the birds and squirrels. Bear in mind that your time and attention
may be the most valuable gift you could give to a loved one.
Have a great winter solstice, brumalia festival, Hogmanay, festivus, mummer's day, saturnalia or pagan
good time of your choice!